Zee5 Global – Watch Movies and TV Shows in English Subtitles

ZEE5 has expanded into the intermedia landscape with the launch of Zee5 Global. The service will offer English subtitles alongside regional genres of television shows. While it launched in 190 countries in 2018, it has not yet launched in the US. However, ZEE5 reports that it has 1.2 million active users each month and is growing. The platform has also partnered with NENT UK for the production of the Indian remake of newsfed and Black Widows.

A subscription to ZEE5 gives you access to more than 2800 movies and 150 TV shows. There are several series and movies available to watch, including the latest Blockbusters and best Korean dramas. You can also catch new episodes of popular television shows and movies before they’re aired on broadcast television. ZEE5 is also a great place to watch news, regional programming, and even telecast in your language. It has something for everyone.

ZEE5 is available in 190 countries and offers interesting entertainment in several languages. Its library is extensive and is available in eighteen languages. Unfortunately, ZEE5 is not available in the US, but expansion is underway. PureVPN can help you watch ZEE5 in the US. It will assign an Indian IP address to your device so that it can access ZEE5 content. You’ll get to browse its catalogue without any hassle and theprisma.


ZEE5’s premium subscription plan allows you to access its movies and TV shows and catchupdate. You can watch almost 2800 movies and 150 web series for Rs 599 a year. The plan allows you to watch ZEE5 original shows and movies the day they air, meaning you’ll never miss a moment of them. A ZEE5 premium subscription lets you watch more than one device at once. For a limited period, you can stream all of your favorite programs on three devices at once.

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