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Why Are MLB Games Being Played So Early in the Day?

A good question to ask is: Why are MLB games played so early in the day? There are a few reasons for this, including the fact that baseball is a regional sport, and the traveling schedules of many teams mandate “getaway” day games. Parents with young children typically prefer daytime baseball, but if you’re trying to get more viewers for your broadcast, night games are a good choice.

The first reason is because baseball games begin at such early hours. Baseball fans have come to regard Opening Day as a symbolic rebirth. In a book entitled Why Time Begins, Thomas Boswell explained the importance of this day in baseball. In the book, he describes how the game marks the beginning of spring, which begins with 0-0 records for all teams. Opening Day is traditionally played on April 7 and includes seven games. The Astros will play the Los Angeles Angels on Opening Day. Shohei Ohtani, the leadoff hitter, will start for the Angels.

The first economist to study baseball explained why baseball games start so early. According to Rottenberg, the reserve clause, which transfers ownership wealth from players to the owners, only marginally affects the choice of where the best players would play. Thus, players were likely to play in the biggest markets, such as New York. So, a key reason for MLB games starting early in the day is to ensure that advertisers can get the maximum exposure they need duysnews .

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