What is the 1/4 Bet? How to Play this Bet Wins Big

What is the 1/4 bet? Perhaps this is the question that many new players in football betting ask and need to find the answer. This form is loved by many brothers because of the simple way to play, easy to win big prizes. Today’s article 789BET will give players the most specific information about this type of bet as well as how to play it effectively.

What is the basic information about 1/4 odds?

Before coming to the playing experience as well as playing methods to always win this type of bet, bettors must grasp the basic information about it. Here are a few related things you should know.

The concept of 1/4 odds in football betting

In football betting, especially those who often participate in Asian rafters, you may have heard about many different types of handicaps. Specifically, it is impossible not to mention the left 1/4 handicap. This is a fairly popular bet at the moment because of its simple gameplay as well as its easy winning ability. To understand what 1/4 is like, you must understand its handicap.

This bet is also known by another name, the half-coupon. On the tables showing the odds of the Link 789BET, it will appear with the symbol: 0.25 or 0 – 0.5. The house side will determine that the upper door team is stronger, called the handicap team. The weaker team is the bottom door and is also known as the handicap team.

How is the 1/4 bet calculated?

Players can completely bet on the left half on the whole match or only on the outcome of a half. If you play this handicap for the 1st half, you will only need to bet on the result of the 1st half, and if the 2nd half results change, you will not be affected.

Basically, bettors can bet on this bet based on the following rules of the house 789BET:

  • If the upper hand wins, the player will bet on the upper hand which is defaulted to winning the bet, regardless of the score. Whoever bets on the bottom team will lose the entire bet amount.
  • What is the 1/4 bet if the score of that match is a draw? At this time, you bet on the top team to lose half of your money. The player who bets on the bottom team will win half the money.
  • If you bet on the underdog, you will get money when the bottom team wins.

In terms of the theory of how to play as well as calculate the bonus points, this type of rafters is considered quite simple, easy to understand without having to worry about calculating the score like some other types of rafters.


How easy is it to play 1/4 in football?

In order for bettors to better understand this special type of bet as well as how to play and place bets, the experts of 789BET will send you the following information:

  • When the top team is the home team, you should bet on the top team to win.
  • If the upper door team is a guest, it is advisable to bet on the lower door.
  • When two teams play at a neutral field, you should carefully analyze the rankings and performance of both teams to make the best decision.
  • In addition, you must not forget to practice the ability to observe and analyze the actual situation that takes place. From there, it is possible to predict more accurately how 1/4 is the easiest way to win.
  • You should take advantage of the first 15 minutes of the match to observe the game before you want to bet so you can feel more secure.

Some experiences of playing the easiest 1/4 bet to win

To help you gain useful knowledge in the process of playing football betting as well as this type of bet, 789BET will send you some effective experiences below.

Learn and analyze carefully all information related to the match

It can be affirmed that when a bettor knows the information related to the match, the probability of winning is very high. Especially for the 1/4 odds, how can the analysis of this match be applied? The data that you need to find out before the game such as: the performance of the two teams, whether the main players on both sides will play, the home-away factor, … Then take the time to sum up. Collect and analyze these data to make the final decision.

See the table of odds at the bookie 789BET

Participating in football betting, especially those who are new to this bet, will have to be interested in seeing the table of odds. This is a factor that bettors cannot afford to ignore. Looking at this table of odds will help bettors decide whether to play on the 1/4 or not. It can orient players towards aggressive play.

Today’s article has introduced to you about the 1/4 . betTo be As well as some ways to play, experience with this type of rafters is effective. Hope this will be useful information and knowledge for you.

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