SmutStone Review – Does SmutStone Work on Mobile Devices?

Have you heard about SmutStone yet? It’s a card game with erotica. Similar to Hearthstone, SmutStone offers babes in every turn. The good news is that you can play SmutStone for free. But what’s the catch? Does it work on mobile devices? Read on to find out! Until then, here are some reasons why you should give desktime a try.

SmutStone is a card game with erotica

The premise of SmutStone is simple: you fight against other players while collecting cards. Each card has a different effect. Some cards have full frontal nudity while others feature corseted lion tamers or thieves. Each character’s card has unique attributes and rewards, and you can upgrade them to earn more power and erotica. As you progress in the campaign, you will be able to seduce beautiful women, which will give you additional strength and reward in battle.

The game takes place in a strip club. You begin by entering the room of the dancer. Soon after, an evil witch kidnaps the dancer through a mirror portal. You then follow her into the magical world. In the magic world, you’ll find pig-like creatures, evil wizards, and smoking hot girls. Smutstone is a fun game that’s sure to make you horny.

It is similar to Hearthstone

SmutStone is a RPG based on the popular online game Hearthstone, where players acquire and upgrade sexy cards. In the game, player’s level up their cards to improve their strength, but it’s important to note that they can suffer brutal defeats if they aren’t strong enough. To learn more about the game and its rules, visit its wiki page.

Although ipsmarketing is based on the same core mechanics, it draws inspiration from more ancient sources. The characters, for example, are similar to Disney’s Snow White, while the demons resemble those from the classic fantasy series. In addition, the game features demons that are reminiscent of succubae. These differences make SmutStone different from Hearthstone, which is the game of choice for many gamers.

The game is set in a strip club, with a dude being sucked into a portal by an evil witch. He meets his sexy companion through a mirror portal and then is abducted by the witch. This process transfers him to a magical world, complete with pig-like creatures, smoking hot girls, and evil wizards. This is an incredibly entertaining game, but the story line is a little thin.

It has babes

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It is free to play

SmutStone is an edgy and risqué card game that is available for all platforms. Designed to look like a Disney princess, the game has several similarities to Hearthstone, but features a different, and much more risqué, setting. The main character begins the game in a dance club, and soon finds himself being abducted by an evil witch through a mirror portal. After being dragged through the same portal newscrawl, he finds himself in a magical world filled with smoking hot girls, pig-like creatures, evil wizards, and more.


The art in SmutStone is gorgeous and features realistic anatomy, but what really makes the game stand out is the storyline. It also includes a plot, and the cards represent quests. The storyline of the game is quite enjoyable and keeps the player engaged throughout, and the sexual content is very well done. The game is easy to pick up and play, and you can get into the game quickly and easily.

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