Jamendo Review

You can use Jamendo to record audio files on your computer. You can record system sound or microphone audio. Jamendo enables you to set presets so you can select a specific audio quality and format. It allows you to control volume and other video parameters as well. You can also record music videos and tweak its parameters as well. You can save your recording for further use, or share it on social media. For more information, see Jamendo’s features

Jamendo’s catalog contains over seven million songs and albums. Its user community has over 200,000 active members and a global membership of over 20,000. It is a non-exclusive service that complements the traditional music distribution methods, including record companies. The site provides free hosting and P2P distribution, and its artists receive 50 percent of the advertising revenue. The service has more than two million unique visitors a month and half a million tracks downloaded daily

Jamendo has become a huge music community that connects independent musicians with fans. The site allows independent artists to showcase their music and earn from it. Users can stream and download music from more than 500,000 tracks from 40,000 artists from over 150 countries. Jamendo is free for download and streaming and supports artists by helping them get their music in front of new audiences. It also provides a community for DIY artists to showcase their works. Its mission is to support independent music and its artists

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