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Anime is an umbrella word that can be used for a variety of different things. From horror to shoujo-ai, anime is a variety of shows that share some common thread: they are all made by people who love games. That being said, there are plenty of different types of anime! From slice-de-the- WEEKEND to seinen, we have discussed many of the types and genres of anime here on our site in the past. So if you’re looking for more information, read on! Here’s what you need to know about each type! Wrong? Well… You’re right about one thing. As with most umbrella terms, there are actually several different definitions for “anime” out there! So what does it mean when someone says “anime”? There are so many different definitions for this word that we almost wrote a separate article on it ourselves. So here we go: But don’t worry— We got you covered with this guide to the best anime sites in the world. Keep reading to discover what your favorite anime is about, explore the world of animes, and find the perfect Android or IOS TV app for your needs!

What is an Anime?

Anime is made for kids, and for a lot of kids, the only way to get into it is to watch it. But not all kids can see what the ‘anime’ in “anime” stands for, so there are a variety of different definition of “anime” in use today. Here’s a quick definition: Anime is any type of media that is made for kids. Examples include anime, kid-friendly media, and video games made for kids.

Shoujo-ai – Just a girl telling her friends how much she loves games and making them watch them while she plays them.

Shoujo-ai is actually a type of manga that focuses on young female lead characters telling their stories to an audience of girls. It’s produced by studio or production companies for kid-friendly entertainment. You might see it in high school, on line, or at a museum.

Harem-verse Anime – shows that feature lots of sex, but also some elements of futa/fetishism.

Harem-verse is a type of shoujo-ai that revolves around a love triangle— The three main characters are a virgin, a menstruated girl, and a man. In their relationship, they are always trying to seduce the other two characters (usually the virgin).

Steins;Gate: Incorporating Steins;Gate into the Show

Stining Gate:Gate into the show helps make it stand out as an anime, while incorporating elements of Steins;Gate, which was inspired by the novel and was written as a stand-alone television series. Stining Gate:Gate also features the voice of popular characters from the steins;gate franchise, Itsuki Ushirai.

Nendorums – Clothing made from nendorf parts used in games. They range from undergarments to lingerie!

We’ve mentioned nendorf parts a few times, but there’s definitely an even biggerendorf subculture to keep in mind—the dumpster diving anime. Dumpster diving is always a huge part of every Anime, and many specialized subcultures use it as an artistic medium. Although it’s not an accepted art form, dumping is perfectly suited to the ime (day) to see the entire show on the TV.

Dumpster Diving Anime – shows that take place in a dumpster, usually by using dismemberment techniques (some are animated). dumplings are included in many dumplings anime lists.

Dumpster diving is when you try to look as fancy and gourmet as possible while trying to fit the contents of your duffster into the smallest space. You can dumpling your heart if you want to, but we recommend finding a disposal area nearby wrinky.

Sumo Fighting Anime – Shows where sumo is used as one of the combat methods. Some have entire training arenas for it!

Sumo is the athletic Combination of Tai and Tatsu, popularly known as “The Art of Tatsu.” Tatsu is a sport that involves throwing a handful of things together and seeing what comes out. Sumo is the act of throwing a full body of meat against a wall or something.

Dumpster Diving Anime – shows that take place in a dumpster, usually by using dismemberment techniques (some are animated).

As with most types of media, you can use nendorf parts to great effect in your own design. Make sure to include your favorite character(s) from the show in your nendorf designs and action figures if you want to keep it legit.

Sumo Fighting Anime – Shows where sumo is used as one of the combat methods.

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