Discover the Classy  Thomo  Cockfighting Game at 789bet

Dealer famous for a lot of attractive betting games, in which matches cannot be missed Thomo vibrant. This is a famous form of cockfighting with a huge number of players participating. In today’s article, let’s learn some interesting things about this classic cockfighting game.

About  Thomo ‘s cock fighting game

For those who don’t know, Thomo It is one of the most attractive forms of cockfighting and is very popular with bettors. This game originates from the traditional type of cockfighting in Southeast Asian countries. The biggest difference lies in the fact that the cocks will be able to use spurs during the competition.

Each spur is designed to be extremely sharp to help the cock increase its damage in each attack phase. It is this that has created a great attraction of the cockfighting game at the famous  Thomo  arena.

Type Thomo  classic

The most accurate  Thomo  rules of cockfighting

This classic cockfighting game has very simple rules. Before participating in betting on high-class cockfighting matches at  Thomo  chicken school, let’s789BET Check out some basic information about the rules of this type of cockfighting.

Twilight Regulations

At the playground Thomo Each cock before the competition will go through the process of weighing and measuring the stats. Fighting cocks of the same height (same weight) will be arranged to compete against each other. This brings fairness to all matches.

Regulation time

In cockfighting matches at the  Thomo  arena, the duration of each game is 15 minutes. However, with the fierce, tense and dramatic nature, almost every cockfight match ends after about 5 minutes of competition. Therefore, every day you can participate in many matches Thomo classic.

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Result stipulation

At  Thomo , the person who makes the decision about the final outcome of the matches is the referee. They will rely on the score during the competition to determine the winning cock. In addition, the type of cockfight also has a number of special results calculation methods, which are:

  • Fighting cocks that are dead or seriously injured and unable to fight will be forfeited.
  • A cock that is fighting but runs away will be forfeited.
  • If the cock doesn’t have any fighting action and just stands still, it will also be forfeited.

Where does the attraction of  Thomo  cockfight come from?

Exciting and fierce matches

It is not a coincidence that the type Thomo  received special attention from many players. In fact, this game possesses many outstanding advantages as follows:

Eye-catching cockfights, top notch

All the high-class cockfights at  Thomo  arena are extremely eye-catching. The matches took place with fiery, charismatic attacks. This will bring feelings of suspense, tension and thrill every second of every minute.

A cockfight with a dramatic nature

Different from the traditional cockfights, players can admire the subtle moves. At the arena Thomo  You will be immersed in fierce matches.

With iron weapons, the fighting phase of the cock will become more dangerous. Even if the kick is accurate, the cock can take the opponent’s life. This is the most attractive point of this classic type of cockfighting.

Gathering many famous chicken breeds

Arena Thomo attracts hundreds of famous cocks from all over the world to attend. These are fighting cocks of many high-class breeds such as: American cocks, Peruvian cocks, Indonesian cocks… This will create fair and attractive matches.

Dealer 789BET – prestigious  Thomo  cockfighting address 2023

If you want to watch the matches Thomo  Exciting, vibrant and thrilling. Brothers, come immediately to789BET. This is an extremely famous cockfighting betting paradise with many outstanding features.

Here, you will be able to watch live the impressive competitions transmitted from the famous  Thomo  chicken school. This will help you not to miss the fiery and exciting cockfighting matches.

789BET – the hottest live cockfighting address in 2023

So we have just discovered the type Thomo  Classy, ​​most attractive today. This is one of the classic cockfighting games with a huge number of players participating. If you are interested in this type of cockfight, come to the house right away 789BET to experience.

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