6 Vital Tips to Buy a Quality T-Shirt

T-Shirts are wardrobe essentials for both men and women. You can’t do without your favourite comfy tees in the Australian heat and humidity. But the choice of this popular item of clothing requires consideration of some vital factors. You get them in infinite cuts, fits, types, fabrics and colours, and you must know how to choose. So, before you look at some Australian made t shirts, the following tips can come in handy.

1. Consider the material

You need breathable fabric that can help you sustain the Australian summers. For that, it is best to choose cotton t-shirts that are comfortable, durable and easy to care for. It’s best to opt for ring-spun cotton for maximum comfort.

2. Check the measurements

Comfort is a determining factor when choosing a t-shirt. Since Aussies like to be casual all the way, the fit needs to be relaxed and comfortable. It’s best to use a measuring tape to measure your chest and shoulder width and check the measuring chart provided for each brand.

However, you should know that cotton tends to shrink. So, if you want to buy a cotton tee, choosing a larger size can help you prevent issues with shrinkage.

3. Consider the occasion

When buying Australian made t shirts, the occasion is another vital consideration. If you are looking for t-shirts for your workouts, get those that disperse perspiration quickly. For that, it is better to choose polyester fabric. This fabric can offer stretch and ensure optimum comfort while working out.

For your regular wear, get t-shirts in natural fibres that are comfortable and durable, giving the best value for your money. You can pick long-sleeved tees for winter outings and layer them with your jacket.

4. Know your prints and colours

The sense of fashion differs from person to person. Neutral colours are a common choice for most people; many also like experimenting with bold shades and prints.

Gen Z makes up about 21 percent of the Australian population, and they like trying new things when apparel is concerned. Some of the most common choices for tees are monochrome, abstract and floral prints. So, if you want to go for graphic designs and colourful tees, ensure the fabric is high quality, keeping the prints and designs longer.

5. Look at seams and stitches

You must inspect the hems, sleeves and collars for loose stitches and threads. Start checking the side of your tee, around the sleeves and the top of the shoulders.

You should also look at loose zipper stitches and check if it moves smoothly, so you can easily zip up.

Remember to inspect the pockets, sewing of the buttons and the button holes before your purchase.

6. Check the label

The tag or label is extremely important and is located at the back of your t-shirt’s collar. You should check the label for the dos and don’ts for proper care of your t-shirt.

The material of the label is also incredibly important. T-shirts of inferior quality have laser-cut labels that scratch and irritate the skin. So, go for labels printed on the fabric or the ones that are woven-edged.

Numerous factors come into play when choosing a t-shirt. If you are shopping online, things can be a bit complex as you need help to check the quality of the product with your own hands. But you can gain some insight from customer reviews and recommendations that can help you with your purchase. Also, only buy T-shirts you like. You should also have other clothing items and accessories that will go best with them.

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